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Investing in neighborhood schools

Lori believes every child should be able to get a quality education at their neighborhood public school, no matter their race or zip code. Lori was a public school kid and remembers how her school served as a community anchor and a source of pride for her neighborhood. By closing more than 50 neighborhood schools without meaningful community engagement, this administration has done great harm to our city. As mayor, Lori will:

  • Work to bring a safe Level 1/1+ elementary and high school to every neighborhood
  • Expand high school apprenticeship programs and pathways to good jobs
  • Create an elected and representative school board to give parents and community members a voice in how our school system is run

Read Lori’s comprehensive plan to transform public schools here >

Stopping violence

It is imperative that we stop the epidemic of violence in our communities. No child should have to worry about the consequences of going to the park and no parent should have to keep their kids inside on a warm day for fear of violence. As mayor, Lori will:

  • Address gun violence as a public health crisis by looking at the root causes
  • Invest in community resources including violence prevention programs, schools, jobs, and community-based mental health centers
  • Lead a proactive strategy with Federal, State, County, and City officials to get illegal guns off our streets

Read Lori’s comprehensive plan for public safety here >

Expanding affordable housing options

Lori believes that everyone deserves a safe, clean, and affordable place to live and is committed to finding ways to keep families in their neighborhoods amidst gentrification. As someone who grew up in a low-income family and knows how it feels to worry about making rent, Lori is deeply troubled that families like the one she grew up in can’t afford to live in this city anymore. As mayor, Lori will:

  • Build, preserve, and renovate homes that are affordable and reduce red tape that creates obstacles to building housing for families
  • Support the Affordable Housing Equity Ordinance to limit aldermanic prerogative, which impedes the growth of housing that is affordable city wide and perpetuates segregation
  • Expand the scope of services for people who are homeless or living with housing instability
  • Create more pathways to homeownership for low-income and middle-class families

Read Lori’s comprehensive housing plan here >

Reforming the police department

Lori won’t need on the job training to address issues of public safety. She has extensive experience as a former federal prosecutor, a leader in investigating police misconduct including police-involved shootings, and more recently as president of the Police Board and chair of the Police Accountability Task Force. Lori’s work is the underpinning of the Obama-era Department of Justice report and the consent decree, which will be the basis for police reform and accountability. As mayor, Lori will

  • Ensure full and swift compliance with the consent decree
  • Implement civilian oversight of the police
  • Improve training and accountability
  • Reduce police misconduct and resulting costs of settlements, judgments, and fees
  • Increase the homicide clearance rate

Read Lori’s comprehensive plan for public safety here >

Cleaning up City government

Lori is running for mayor to build a Chicago that works for every person and every community. For years, Chicago government has catered to the wealthy few and politically connected while ignoring everyone else. Lori will build a transparent and responsive City government Chicagoans can trust to serve their needs. As mayor, Lori will:

  • Implement mayoral term limits
  • Stop elected officials from profiting from their government positions
  • Strengthen oversight of the workers’ compensation program and hold budget town halls

Read about Lori’s plans to clean up City government here >

Supporting small businesses

Small businesses are critical job creators and economic engines, but all too often we sacrifice their needs as we cater to big corporations. In her leadership role in City procurement, Lori held the City and companies accountable to promises to hire women and minorities and made sure that when the City contracted with small businesses, they paid for these services on time. As mayor, Lori will:

  • Lower the barriers to accessing capital so that entrepreneurs with solid business plans have opportunities to thrive
  • Support entrepreneurs by creating business incubators on South and West sides
  • Make sure women-owned and minority-owned businesses are well-represented in City contracting
  • Ensure City vendors speak our values when it comes to supplier diversity

Investing in our neighborhoods

All over Chicago, people feel the effects of an “us versus them” style of governance. Investing here and not there; providing advantages to some but not others; listening to a few but ignoring far too many. We can and we must invest downtown while also providing resources to our neighborhoods. In addition to supporting public schools, addressing violence, and supporting small businesses, as mayor Lori will:

  • Reinvigorate neighborhood commercial districts that have been left behind
  • Partner with businesses and nonprofits to eliminate food, pharmacy, and healthcare deserts
  • Bring transparency to TIF financing to make sure funds go toward neighborhoods most in need of investment

Read about Lori’s plans to improve TIF financing here >

Creating good jobs

We’ve got to create good-paying jobs all over the city and make sure that people in need of work have the training and resources they need. Growing up, Lori’s parents worked multiple low-wage jobs to make ends meet, so Lori knows the importance of these policies to working families. As mayor, Lori will:

  • Expand job training programs with wrap-around services and create direct pipelines to jobs that pay living wages
  • Work with businesses large and small to create jobs in every neighborhood and expand apprenticeship programs in schools
  • Raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour

Supporting LGBTQ+ Chicagoans

As an out and proud black lesbian, Lori understands the importance of safeguarding the civil rights of the LGBTQ+ community and recognizes that while significant progress has been made, more important work must be done. Challenges are especially acute for youth, members of the trans community, and LGBTQ+ people of color. As mayor, Lori will:

  • Guarantee participation in City government, including appointing mayoral LGBTQ+ liaisons to work with South, West, and North side communities
  • Bolster safety and justice for the trans community by holding the police to high standards, improving police training, and properly investigating hate crimes
  • Address the needs of Chicago’s diverse LGBTQ+ community, from creating 24-hour youth drop-in centers to expanding housing options for seniors and veterans

Read Lori’s LGBTQ+ policy framework here >

Defending immigrants

Chicago must be a city where every person from every background has security and opportunity. We’ve got to stand up to the Trump administration’s racist, anti-immigrant terror and make sure that every Chicagoan is safe, regardless of citizenship status. As mayor, Lori will:

  • Strengthen the Welcoming City Ordinance by eliminating carve-outs that jeopardize the safety of immigrants in the city
  • Support abolishing ICE and make clear to ICE and the US Attorney’s Office that ICE cannot recklessly terrorize our residents
  • Decomission CPD’s “gang database,” impose strict guidelines for operating and maintaining any replacement database, and ensure that CPD no longer cooperates with or shares any data with ICE

Read about Lori’s plans to decommission the gang database here >

Legalizing cannabis

The war on drugs has disproportionately targeted people of color, tearing apart Chicago families and burdening taxpayers with costs of prosecuting these low-level offenses. As mayor, Lori will:

  • Support legalization and taxation of cannabis
  • Learn from the best practices of states that have legalized cannabis to make sure it is safe and well-regulated
  • Make sure that people of color can get licenses to sell cannabis and open up dispensaries in their communities
  • Put safeguards in place to keep cannabis away from children


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