Chicago mayoral candidate Lori Lightfoot released the following statement today in response to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s budget address.

“The mayor’s decision not to run for re-election presented him with a unique opportunity to propose a budget that accurately reflects the city’s present and future financial condition and to propose solutions to address Chicago’s financial issues. Based on what we know so far, he missed that opportunity. Budgeting is about priorities, and when I’m mayor, I’ll finally create a budget that puts working families first.

“I will support direct investment in communities that have been ignored rather than focusing exclusively on downtown and hoping the wealth trickles down. I will support the growth of small businesses instead of focusing nearly exclusively on tax breaks for big corporations. I will make sure every kid can walk to a quality and safe neighborhood school rather than diverting money to other priorities and failed corporate contracts. I will finally bring accountability and transparency to CPD instead of accepting the hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements, judgments, and fees as an inevitability.”