Chicago mayoral candidate and former Police Board President Lori Lightfoot released the following statement after Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Attorney General Lisa Madigan, and Superintendent Eddie Johnson held a press conference announcing they have filed a proposed consent decree in federal court. At a press conference and in a public comment, Lightfoot has outlined substantive reforms to the draft released on July 30.

“It is unfortunate that Rahm Emanuel treated the public comment period as a courtesy rather than an opportunity to engage Chicagoans in a meaningful conversation about the future of policing. The latest draft consent decree still does not include important changes, and still requires substantive revision. Among other reforms, I believe the final consent decree must include a complete ban on chokeholds and desperately-needed policies on foot pursuits and shooting into crowds.

“This federal oversight agreement has great potential to transform Chicago for the better, but without the reforms that I and so many others detailed in public comments, we will not reach these ends. I will take advantage of the opportunity to outline further changes that must be made in fairness hearings on October 24 and 25, and encourage Chicagoans to join me and share their views.”