The Chicago Firefighters Union Local 2 endorsed Lori Lightfoot for mayor at a press conference on Thursday. Lightfoot announced the endorsement at the historic formerly all-Black firehouse on 35th and Calumet. Today marked Lightfoot’s second union endorsement. The Illinois Education Association Region 67 endorsed Lightfoot in February.

“It’s my great pleasure to accept this endorsement, and I’m humbled by it,” said Lightfoot. “Our first responders do a tremendous job in our communities and are really part of the fabric of our neighborhoods. We need to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to provide them with the support and resources that they need. It is a great honor to be here at this historic firehouse and accept the support of this important group.”

“We are here to throw our support behind Lori Lightfoot for mayor,” said Chicago Firefighters Union Local 2 President Jim Tracy. “She comes from a union home and understands the importance of unions and their roles in lifting up the middle class. Lori understands Local 2’s needs when it comes to our staffing, antiquated rigs, and the need for more ambulances. We all understand the roadblocks ahead when it comes to pension payments and higher property taxes, and Lori strikes a balance that can take care of the economic development downtown, and in turn, take care of some of the blighted communities such as Englewood and the West Side. We need that economic development to make the city a more fair and balanced place, and Local 2 is here to support our next mayor, Lori Lightfoot.”