Congressman Chuy Garcia endorsed Lori Lightfoot for mayor at a Sunday press conference. Congressman Garcia joins Our Revolution Chicago, LiUNA Chicago Laborers’ District Council, Plumbers Local 130, and State Representative Kelly Cassidy, among others, in endorsing Lightfoot in the past week alone. The press conference was streamed live on Facebook.

“Chicago needs a fresh start,” said Congressman Garcia. “Chicago needs a new generation of leadership. It needs to break from the old vestiges of old machine politics, and is close to making that a reality. Chicago needs a government where big money doesn’t call the shots, doesn’t exert its influence and set the municipal agenda. Chicago needs a laser focus on public safety and creating good-paying jobs for people in all of our neighborhoods. It needs to create opportunities for neighborhood revitalization and prosperity.

“That’s why, today, I’m endorsing Lori Lightfoot for mayor of the City of Chicago. I believe that she will become the change agent that Chicago needs so desperately at this critical juncture. I believe that she has the moral compass to guide our city and that she has the skillset required for making critical policy decisions. I believe that she has the heart and soul to usher in a new era of bold municipal policy that improves the lives of working people, everyone across our city, especially the people who have the least.”

“The movement that Congressman Garcia sparked, that Harold Washington sparked, and so many other trailblazing leaders built—that fundamental desire for change in communities and in City Hall—hasn’t gone away,” said Lightfoot. “It’s grown, deepened, and has included more people all over the city over the last four years. Our campaign is about taking that hunger for change and turning it into reality.

“Throughout his career, Congressman Garcia has stood up for the same principles that ground our campaign: independence, reform, and doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do, not because it’s the politically expedient thing to do. He’s a leader in our communities and has been a steady advocate for the same kind of change that we must usher in on April 2nd. I could not be more proud to stand with him today. I’m humbled and honored to receive this endorsement.”