Today, Congressman Mike Quigley endorsed Lori Lightfoot for mayor. Congressman Quigley join Congressman Garcia, Our Revolution Chicago, LiUNA Chicago Laborers’ District Council, Plumbers Local 130, and State Representative Kelly Cassidy, among others, in endorsing Lightfoot in the past week.

“I am thrilled to earn the endorsement of Congressman Mike Quigley,” Lightfoot said. “Congressman Quigley has been a tireless advocate for transparency and building a government that puts working families before special interests. With his support, and with the support of people in every neighborhood throughout this city, I’m confident we can bring true change to Chicago.”

“I am proud to support Lori Lightfoot because Chicago needs someone whose integrity and values will never be compromised by the political establishment or the forces that have fought reform in our government,” Congressman Quigley said. “As someone committed to transparency, accountability, and doing what’s right even when it’s not popular, I am heartened to have Chicago led by a someone who shares those values. Lori’s life story is one of standing strong against bullies, against the long odds, and against those who fight against justice. I believe Lori is the right woman for the job of strengthening trust with the people of Chicago and letting justice be her guiding light.”