Chicago mayoral candidate Lori Lightfoot announced the endorsements of former County Clerk David Orr, former 43rd Ward Alderman Marty Oberman, and former 44th Ward Alderman Dick Simpson at a press conference at City Hall this afternoon. Orr is a crusader for government reform who has served as Cook County clerk, alderman of the 49th Ward, and, briefly, as mayor, following the death of Harold Washington. Simpson first announced his endorsement when Lightfoot introduced her ethics plan in August. Orr, Oberman, and Simpson served in City Council as part of a reform caucus and have continued paving the path towards good government ever since.

“Corruption hurts working-class families the most,” said Lightfoot. “It hurts Black and Brown families the most. I want to be a mayor in the spirit of David Orr, Harold Washington, and other principled, progressive crusaders who wouldn’t back down from fighting against inequality and injustice, and would never compromise their integrity. That’s why I’m so passionate about this campaign, and why I’m so grateful to have David Orr, Marty Oberman, and Dick Simpson on our team as we head into February 26th.”

“Lori is an independent-minded person,” said Orr. “Keep in mind that everybody says they are the progressive candidate running—we have people with maybe a foot, maybe a finger, maybe an arm, maybe a whole body in the quagmire of the machine and the pay-to-play tradition. Lori stands out among the top tier of candidates for being truly independent of it.”

“Between Marty, David, and I, we represent over 50 years of fighting here at City Hall for progressive reform,” said Simpson. “We’re here to say that there is one leading progressive reform candidate in the race, and that is Lori Lightfoot,” said Simpson. “A vote for Lori Lightfoot is in the tradition of reform in Chicago, which goes back more than 150 years. We need Lori Lightfoot–and we need her elected mayor.”

“I served as alderman at a time when the machine was at its height of power,” said Oberman. “I spent every day as an elected official working to bring reform to our goverment to make it more transparent and accountable to the people. All these years later, Chicago still desperately needs reform. I know Lori Lightfoot well. She is tough, smart, and has the integrity and independence needed to take on the tough challenges facing our great city. I know what a reformer looks like and her name is Lori Lightfoot. In this crowded field of candidates, Lori is the only one who justifies our trust to be a real reformer once in office.”