Today, feminist activist and author Gloria Steinem endorsed Lori Lightfoot for mayor. For decades, Steinem has been a pro-choice champion and steadfast advocate for women and LGBTQ rights. Steinem joins Congressman Chuy Garcia, Our Revolution Chicago, State Representative Kelly Cassidy, LIUNA Chicago, and Plumbers Local 130 in endorsing Lightfoot in the past week alone.

“I’m so honored to receive the endorsement of feminist icon Gloria Steinem,” said Lightfoot. “For decades, Steinem has been a leader in the fight for equality for all, no matter your gender, sexuality, or the color of your skin. Her lifelong advocacy has served as an inspiration to me and millions of women around the globe, and I will do everything in my power as mayor to live up to her legacy and build a Chicago that defends equal rights for all.”

“I’m proud to endorse Lori Lightfoot for mayor,” said Gloria Steinem. “Lori has been a courageous voice for reform in Chicago, and has a practical vision for building a government that is responsive and transparent. Lori knows that racism and sexism are intertwined and must be fought together. She is not only pro-choice, but for reproductive justice.  She will not only make history in Chicago, but inspire new leaders nationally.

“All my life, I’ve loved Chicago as the city of Saul Bellow and Studs Terkel, of Oprah and Michelle and Barack Obama, of Ida B. Wells and Jane Addams and Hillary Rodham Clinton, and so many more leaders of this country’s hearts and minds, and yet a political machine never seemed able to give this great and diverse city the leadership it deserved. I believe Lori Lightfoot will be the innovative, just and listening Mayor who creates a City Hall that makes Chicagoans proud.”