Chicago mayoral candidate Lori Lightfoot held a press conference at City Hall this morning to respond to the latest news regarding Alderman Danny Solis and call for reform.

“Every day brings yet another reminder that our broken system is crumbling,” said Lightfoot. “Toni Preckwinkle, Susana Mendoza, Gery Chico, and Bill Daley are tied to this broken system. As these corruption scandals deepen every day, voters can’t trust any candidate tied to Alderman Ed Burke, Alderman Danny Solis, or the broken Chicago machine.

“Chicagoans are sick of a City government that serves only itself. We’re sick of aldermen lining their own pockets instead of uplifting the quality of life in our neighborhoods. We’re sick of a system that’s rigged against small businesses—where you have to hire a lawyer or trade favors to get basic services.”

“I’m the candidate who has been fighting for good government reform long before Burke charges became public. I’m the candidate who prosecuted a corrupt alderman. I’m the candidate who is uniting aldermanic candidates around the People First Pledge for ethical government. I’m the candidate who is independent of this broken political machine.”

At the press conference, Lightfoot called for the following reforms:

  1. Mayor Rahm Emanuel must immediately issue an executive order eliminating aldermanic prerogative. Every department head and relevant staffer must receive training in new protocol.
  2. Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Corporation Counsel must issue a draft ordinance codifying the end of aldermanic prerogative.
  3. The City must grant the Office of Inspector General the power and resources to conduct audits of City departments to ensure compliance with the executive order and ordinance.
  4. The Office of Inspector General must conduct a detailed audit of all Zoning Committee decisions going back to at least 2014, the time period identified in the Solis search warrant affidavit.
  5. The Office of Inspector General must have audit authority over all City Council committees, including the Zoning Committee and the Finance Committee.
  6. City Council, not the mayor, must immediately act to replace Danny Solis as Zoning Committee chair.
  7. Every other candidate for mayor of Chicago must embrace these needed ethics reforms.