Chicago mayoral candidate Lori Lightfoot called out her opponents for their deep ties to powerful Alderman Ed Burke, who is under federal investigation, at a press conference today. Other leading mayoral candidates, all of whom have personal and financial ties to Ed Burke, stayed silent in the face of federal raids on Burke’s offices last week. The press conference was streamed live at facebook.com/lightfootforchicago.

“Ed Burke has given my opponents tens of thousands of dollars—and it’s not out of the generosity of his heart,” said Lightfoot. “Each of these candidates must be asked: What did Burke get in exchange for the cash? What was the quid pro quo? While my opponents would rather prop up this crumbling system—a system that has propped them up throughout their careers—I’m ready to build something new.

“That’s why I took on Rahm Emanuel when I got in this race back in May, that’s why I released a good government policy back in August including oversight of the workers’ compensation program and a ban on profiting from public service, and why I’m speaking out about Ed Burke today. It’s time to move forward in a totally new direction, and I’m working hard to build that independent reform movement every day.”