Chicago mayoral candidate Lori Lightfoot announced the endorsements of Katie Sieracki, 33rd Ward aldermanic candidate; Marianne Lalonde, 46th Ward aldermanic candidate; and Andrew Rowlas, 50th Ward aldermanic candidate. Lightfoot is endorsing each of these candidates and they are endorsing Lightfoot for mayor.

“I’m excited to receive the endorsements of Katie Sieracki, Marianne Lalonde, and Andrew Rowlas,” said Lightfoot. “I’m supporting these 33rd, 46th, and 50th ward aldermanic candidates because we share a vision for a transparent and accountable City Hall that puts people first. Throughout the next month, we’ll be hosting joint canvasses and other volunteer activities to mobilize voters across the city to vote for change.”

“I’m thrilled to have the endorsement of Lori Lightfoot who, like me, is a progressive and truly independent candidate focused on bringing much needed reforms to city council,” said Katie Sieracki. “In 2019 the choice is clear: we can raise up the voices of those who have been shut out of the political process and elect leaders who will work for Chicago and the people, or we can support 40-year machine dynasties like the Mells and the Burkes and continue to hear stories of preferential treatment, failed leadership, and corruption. That’s why I proudly signed Lori’s People First pledge—because it’s time to put an end to the old way of doing things in Chicago.”

“I’m proud to support Lori Lightfoot for mayor,” said Marianne Lalonde. “She is principled, independent, and progressive. Lori has shown that she isn’t afraid to hold our officials accountable. The people of Chicago deserve a city government free from the corruption of machine politics.”

“I am proud to endorse Lori Lightfoot for mayor and to receive her endorsement for alderman,” said Andrew Rowlas. “Lori Lightfoot shares my commitment to real reform in Chicago. The status quo has failed us, forcing residents to pay an expensive ‘corruption tax.’ Lori Lightfoot’s campaign and the People First Platform we have both signed directly address the root causes of corruption and promise the change we need to move Chicago forward.”