At tonight’s debate, Lori Lightfoot highlighted the hypocrisy of Toni Preckwinkle criticizing Lightfoot’s successful legal career while accepting campaign contributions from the very same firm. Preckwinkle repeatedly criticized Lightfoot for being a former partner at the law firm Mayer Brown; however, just this week, Preckwinkle accepted a campaign contribution from a Mayer Brown partner.

“Toni Preckwinkle criticizes me for being a successful lawyer,” said Lightfoot. “I get that it’s part of politics—but I’ve got to address the desperation and hypocrisy of the attack. Preckwinkle criticized my former law firm today, but took a $2,500 check from a partner at the same law firm on Tuesday. What happened on Wednesday to make Preckwinkle change her mind? This kind of hypocrisy makes voters lose confidence and doesn’t help address the challenges we need to face together. We can do better. We need change.”