Chicago mayoral candidate Lori Lightfoot held a press conference today to address 2018 crime numbers and present the path forward. The press conference was streamed live on Facebook. Lightfoot has previously released a comprehensive plan for public safety. In Chicago in 2018, 2,948 people were shot and there were 561 homicides. For comparison, in Chicago in 2014, 2,621 people were shot and there were 464 homicides. In New York City in 2018, there were 287 homicides. In Los Angeles in 2018, there were 256 homicides.

“Public safety is the central challenge in our neighborhoods and the central challenge for our next mayor,” said Lightfoot. “For the past seven years, we’ve had a mayor who learned about public safety on the job, and we’ve felt the consequences. We can’t afford to make the same mistake twice. I am the only candidate with the experience and vision needed to tackle this critical challenge. What’s required is listening and learning, conversation and community, accountability and allowing people all across our city to be a part of the solution.”

Lightfoot has more experience on issues of public safety and police reform than any other mayoral candidate, having served as an assistant U.S. attorney in the criminal division, president of the Chicago Police Board, chair of the Police Accountability Task Force, chief of staff and general counsel of the Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications, and chief administrator of the Office of Professional Standards.