Chicago mayoral candidate Lori Lightfoot released the following statement in response to a recent report from the Better Government Association and WBEZ, “The King of Recusals: How Ald. Ed Burke’s Private Law Business Intersects With His Public Power.” Lightfoot has previously released an extensive policy proposal to clean up City government, including prohibiting City employees and elected and appointed officials from profiting from public service.

“Ed Burke and the politicians like him who’ve banked off their positions need to be stopped,” said Lightfoot. “City Council needs to fix Rule 14 right now. Aldermen must avoid conflicts of interest, and if conflicts do arise, they must disclose them up front on the record and not participate in any City Council proceedings related to the conflict. As mayor, I’ll demand a responsive and accountable City Council that puts people first—and that requires fixing Rule 14 and other loopholes that let corruption fester.”