Chicago mayoral candidate, former Assistant U.S. Attorney, and former Police Board President Lori Lightfoot released the following statement in response to news that Judge Robert Dow approved the consent decree. Lightfoot previously called for substantive revisions to the draft consent decree released on July 30th, including policies on foot pursuits and shooting into crowds, a ban on chokeholds, and metrics through which the monitor can audit the homicide clearance rate. 

“Over two years ago, I called for a consent decree to reform the Chicago Police Department and paved the way with the Police Accountability Task Force report. After closely following the years-long process—which included a lawsuit against the City by former Attorney General Lisa Madigan, hundreds of hours of negotiation between parties, and a lengthy process for public review and comment—I am pleased that Judge Robert Dow today announced the approval of the consent decree.”

“While I look forward to reading the consent decree in detail, I know it is imperfect. Nonetheless, it is an essential foundation for accountability and transparency. The success of the consent decree and the potential for further reform depend on the election of a mayor with the experience and vision to lead the way. I am the only candidate with a track record on police reform and accountability and a detailed plan for the future.”