Chicago mayoral candidate Lori Lightfoot released the following statement in response to recent news about elevated lead levels in metered Chicago homes.

“Once again, the Emanuel administration has shown it doesn’t care about the needs of everyday Chicagoans,” said Lightfoot. “As a mother and a homeowner, it is completely outrageous to me that this administration did nothing to inform us of unsafe lead levels in drinking water.

“Furthermore, this administration has ignored countless opportunities to transparently discuss the problem—when discovering elevated lead levels in June, or long before, such as when beginning to replace aged water mains in 2011. Even beyond denying us the opportunity to make key decisions about our health, this failure to act will likely result in multiple lawsuits against the City, meaning taxpayers will have to foot the bill for this crisis multiple times.

“Chicagoans cannot wait until spring for the results of a new study. We need immediate measures to ensure safe water, including providing alternative water sources for homes with elevated lead levels and aggressively testing lead levels in other homes. Whatever it takes, this administration has a moral obligation to make this right.”