Chicago mayoral candidate Lori Lightfoot released her education policy at a press conference this morning. The full policy is available here. Lightfoot has previously released comprehensive policies relating to good governmentpublic safetyLGBTQ+ rightshousing, and the environment. The press conference was streamed live on Facebook.
“A world class city needs a world class public education system,” said Lightfoot. “Working together, we will create a pre-K-12 school system that provides equal opportunities for students, regardless of income, address, or background. We will develop a diverse, vibrant, skilled workforce that fuels growth in every neighborhood and leaders who will shape Chicago’s future.”

Lightfoot’s education policy includes:

  1. Eradicating structural, racial, and other inequities
  2. Including communities and stakeholders in decisions regarding schools
  3. Bringing high quality elementary and high schools to every neighborhood
  4. Improving equity among children entering kindergarten
  5. Staffing schools with full time nurses, social workers, and librarians
  6. Ensuring kids receive trauma-informed instruction and mental health services
  7. Guaranteeing Chicagoans the opportunity to elect an independent school board
  8. Making CTA more accessible for qualifying CPS students
  9. Expanding career pathways for high school students
  10. Growing the Community School Initiative
  11. Paving pathways to college and careers for high school students
  12. Recruiting, developing, and retaining highly effective and diverse CPS teachers
  13. Giving all students access to after school programs and experiences
  14. Supporting diverse learners with the resources they need to learn and succeed
  15. Creating accountability in CPS’ central office