Chicago mayoral candidate Lori Lightfoot released her first TV ad, “Light.” Filmed in a smoky room, the ad speaks to voters frustrated with corruption and looking for a new, independent candidate to take on the old Chicago way. Lightfoot highlights other candidates’ connections to Ed Burke and describes her experiences prosecuting corrupt aldermen and holding police accountable.

“Candidates try distancing themselves from Ed Burke,” says Lightfoot in the ad. “The truth is they’re all tied to the same broken Chicago machine—except me.

“I’m Lori Lightfoot. I’ve prosecuted corrupt aldermen and held police accountable. Now, I’m running for mayor to finally make City Hall work for you, with an elected school board, making all neighborhoods safe, and reducing the unfair tax burden on working families. Shady backroom deals haven’t served us. It’s time to bring in the light.”

Lightfoot also shared the ad on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.