Today, Chicago mayoral candidate Lori Lightfoot released a new TV ad, “Focus.” In the ad, Lightfoot highlights her plans to bring true change to Chicago and end the city’s broken political machine while Lightfoot’s daughter attempts to distract in the background. The ad is Lightfoot’s third of the runoff. Lightfoot released her first TV ad of the runoff, “Change,” on March 1, and her second, “Why,” on March 7.

“I’m Lori Lightfoot and I’m running for mayor for our daughter’s future and all Chicago’s children,” says Lightfoot. “That’s why nothing will distract me from bringing real change to Chicago by breaking the grip of Ed Burke and the corrupt political machine, focusing on public safety in every neighborhood, investing in our local schools, and making sure families can afford to stay in the city. The politics of the past haven’t served us.” Lightfoot’s daughter closes out the ad, saying “It’s time to bring in the light.”