Joined by former mayoral candidates Dr. Willie Wilson and Ja’Mal Green and members of the Safer Foundation leadership team on Wednesday, Chicago mayoral candidate Lori Lightfoot released her policy plan to help returning citizens thrive. The policy includes:

  • Creating the Office of Returning Citizens Affairs and streamlining reentry services.
  • Supporting community-based social service programs.
  • Advancing policies and legislation that remove barriers to obtaining housing.
  • Restructuring city spending to address social determinants of health.
  • Providing returning citizens access to affordable educational opportunities.

“This is an issue very close to my heart—my own brother spent much of his adult life in prison, and watching his experience has shaped my commitment to this issue,” said Lightfoot. “Incarceration takes a significant toll on families like mine all across the city, and people like my brother struggle every day to return to our city once they’ve served their time. We’ve got to do better. We owe that to people all across the city—to returning citizens, to their families, to our neighborhoods as a whole.”

“When you are talking about violence in communities, the people who we must invest in to change and reduce violence in the city of Chicago are those returning home,” said community activist Ja’Mal Green. “Those are the ones who need housing—they need programs to get readapted into society. They need to get jobs, get housing, and get on a career path. I’m delighted that the next mayor will adopt these policies so we can make sure chicago is a place where everyone can grow.”

“Lori Lightfoot looks after the needy, those who need help. It’s just one of the reasons I endorsed her,” said Dr. Willie Wilson. “She’ll look out for all Chicagoans as mayor.”