Chicago mayoral candidate Lori Lightfoot joined a coalition of community groups and business and civic leaders at a City Hall press conference today to demand that the City slow down the proposed Lincoln Yards development to allow for transparency and community input.

“This is about an approach to leadership. We need the next mayor to be someone who shows up, who listens, and who takes community voices into account at every stage of every decision. We cannot continue imposing these massive plans that fundamentally transform the character of our communities—communities where we live, work, and commute every day—in a top-down way that prioritizes developers and corporations above people and neighborhoods.

“Furthermore, we cannot accept this false choice that has been presented to us: do we want developments and union jobs or do we want community input? We can do both. We must do both. I’m running for mayor to reject these false choices that have divided us for too long and finally build a City government that listens, that responds, and that lifts up our neighborhoods in a transparent and collaborative way.”