Chicago mayoral candidate Lori Lightfoot released the following statement as the Plan Commission considers the Lincoln Yards proposal today.

“Lincoln Yards should not move one step forward under this administration. I’ve been deeply concerned with the lack of transparency and community involvement in this development from the beginning. I am even more certain this project should not move forward given recent news that Sterling Bay hired Ed Burke’s law firm while Burke served on the Finance Committee and Plan Commission, despite the obvious conflict of interest.

“Further, the news that Sterling Bay will only build 300 units of affordable housing on-site out of 6,000 apartments total should be unacceptable to us all.

“Developers have also continuously refused to answer basic questions about how this massive project would affect diversity, population density, schools, traffic, and other factors. All of these questions remain open. Until the developers and City Hall answers them to the satisfaction of the community, City Council should put a brick on Lincoln Yards.”