In videos released Tuesday in English and Spanish, the first Latino Illinois State Senator, former Chicago City Clerk, former Chicago mayoral candidate, and retired Illinois Commerce Commissioner Miguel del Valle endorsed Lori Lightfoot for mayor. del Valle’s endorsement comes as Lightfoot continues to earn support from key community leaders and advocacy organizations, including recent endorsements from Comptroller Susana Mendoza, community activist Ja’Mal Green, the Illinois Nurses Association PAC, Congressman Mike Quigley and Congressman Jesus “Chuy” García.

“I’m so honored to have the endorsement of a leader like no other, Miguel del Valle,” Lightfoot said. “As a champion for working people, an activist, and an elected official, Miguel has consistently fought for what’s right and to lift up Latinx voices throughout our city. I’m confident with his support, and with the support of working families throughout Chicago, we can move our city forward and build a city that works for every neighborhood.”

“This is a historic opportunity for the city of Chicago that voters cannot miss,” said del Valle. “We have an opportunity here to bring dramatic change to the city of Chicago. We have an opportunity here to create that balance– balance of growth, balance of development– that many of us have been talking about for decades. Lori’s candidacy represents the best opportunity for us to get the fairness that we’re looking for, fairness that will ensure balanced development, safety in our streets, and opportunities for growth for all residents of the city of Chicago.”