At a press conference today, Plumbers Local 130 endorsed Lori Lightfoot for mayor. Plumbers Local 130 represents over 6,000 members throughout Chicago. The endorsement comes as Lightfoot continues to build a broad coalition of support for her grassroots campaign, including recent endorsements from State Representative Kelly Cassidy, Chicago Firefighters Union Local 2, and Dr. Willie Wilson.

“We’ve got a lot of challenges in our city and as mayor, organized labor will always be part of the solution,” Lightfoot said. “I will bring us together to make sure we meet the needs of working families throughout Chicago and create an economy that lifts up our middle class. I look forward to working hand in glove with Chicago’s working families to guarantee workers’ rights, keep our workplaces safe, and ensure a living wage for all.”

“Plumbers 130 has always been a strong and effective political action leader,” said Plumbers Local 130 Business Manager James Coyne. “We support candidates who are pro-business and pro-labor to keep Chicago moving forward. After meeting with Lori several times, I can tell you she has presented herself as someone who is very progressive and will continue to move Chicago forward as the first-class city that we all know and love. I believe that she will fight for our plumbers and our families, as well as working families throughout the city. We are proud and honored to endorse Lori Lightfoot for mayor.”