At a press conference today, State Representative Kelly Cassidy endorsed Lori Lightfoot for mayor. Cassidy’s district includes parts of Andersonville, Edgewater, and Rogers Park. Lightfoot is continuing to build momentum around her candidacy and recently announced the endorsements of Dr. Willie Wilson and the Chicago Firefighters Union Local 2. Today’s press conference was streamed live on Facebook.

“I can’t tell you how honored and humbled I am to accept the endorsement of someone who I’ve admired for a very long time, State Representative Kelly Cassidy” Lightfoot said. “Representative Cassidy has been a fearless leader on issues of importance to a number of different communities and has advanced a progressive vision of change. We have this moment in our collective history to move forward in a completely different way, and I am grateful to have the endorsement from somebody that who shares my vision for moving the city forward.”

“I am really proud to be here today to endorse my friend, Lori Lightfoot,” Cassidy said. “The opportunity here is to seize the chance to truly remake City government. I’m proud to be with my friend today and I’m so excited for what the next few weeks hold.”