Public Safety

Mayor Lightfoot’s mission is to keep our neighborhoods safe.

Her comprehensive approach brings together communities with all levels of government, law enforcement, the private sector, and everyone who is invested in moving Chicago forward.

During her first term, Mayor Lightfoot:

  • Created the Mayor’s Office of Violence Reduction to oversee a proactive approach to preventing violence and supporting impacted communities.
  • Increased funding for community approaches to violence reduction by 1400%. These programs help focus on high violence risk individuals and support victims of violence.
  • Drastically increased the clearance rate for homicide investigations, with more homicides solved in 2019 than any year since 2005.
  • Invested in programs which promote positive outcomes for young people and help prevent youth gun violence.
  • Created the first Mayor’s Office Violence Reduction Dashboard to provide data on violence and victimization to city departments, violence reduction partners, and the public.


A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the Board’s official website (www.elections.il.gov) or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois