Today, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified credibly in front of Congress, bravely sacrificing her safety and privacy to share the truth. She deserves our support.

And this week, Congress must reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act to support survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault.

There are opportunities every day for our leaders to do the right thing and build a nation where we support survivors of sexual assault, where we hold perpetrators accountable, and where all can find justice and peace.

As mayor, I will take advantage of these opportunities, including implementing strong local laws to prevent domestic violence and sexual assault, protect victims of these crimes, and finally build a culture where women sharing their #MeToo stories can find justice and peace rather than ridicule and further harassment. Many of these reforms start on the campaign trail: that’s why I’ve brought women into every level of my campaign, why I’ve held mandatory sexual harassment prevention training for all of my staff, and why I’m committed to using my platform to stand up for what’s right.