Mayor Lightfoot and City Council unveiled two police accountability proposals this month that will build on the progress of the consent decree and the administration’s police reform measures.

Alderman Scott Waguespack and Alderman Chris Taliaferro worked with Mayor Lightfoot to introduce legislation that will create an online database of complaints against police officers since the year 2000.

A few days later, the Mayor introduced her civilian oversight plan for the Chicago Police Department. It would create a seven-member civilian commission that works with the Mayor, CPD, COPA and the police board on oversight and public safety.

The Chicago Sun-Times editorialized in support of the plan, writing that “significant, real reform is coming to Chicago.”

Mayor Lightfoot is still very focused on making our city as safe as possible for all neighborhoods throughout the summer. She and Superintendent David Brown announced their “all-hand-on-deck” effort to address summer violence by flooding hard-hit areas with resources, safe spaces, job opportunities, activities and support.